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Character inspired fashion for guys

Hi! I really love your blog (especially the community outfits!) I was wondering if you (or your followers) knew any blog about specific outfits characters, like Amy Pond, Blair Waldorf, or the girls in Pretty Little Liars ? (sorry for my english)

Hi! Thank you. I know this one: http://companionclothes.tumblr.com/ which is just Doctor Who outfits and has quite a few ones for Amy.

I also found these two blogs: http://fashionofprettylittleliars.tumblr.com/ & http://fashionofpll.tumblr.com/ which have the exact pieces from PLL.

Maybe my followers can find some more!

omg omg omg those vlogbrothers bookmarks you made are to die for!!!! not sure if you have already been asked and/or previously answered but would you be willing to tell me how to make them because right now im using a paperclip :(

Thanks :)

1. Print this out.

2. Glue it to a piece of cardboard or thicker paper and cut it out. Leave a ~1cm wide stripe at the bottom.

3. Cut out a rectangle and glue it to the back side so you can stick the bookmarks on a page.

4. Optional: Write DFTBA on the empty stripe at the bottom and you’re done :)

Hope this is clear :)