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Hey :) Slightly random question but from which country/city are you?

  1. teharasaksa answered: Malaysia :)
  2. morgria answered: US: Pennsylvania
  3. sandaro-no-iro answered: Malaysia!
  4. special-agent-galaga answered: IL/USA
  5. ticktockclockwork answered: Orlando, FL
  6. axiniana answered: Moscow, Russia :)
  7. monkeyjive answered: ethnically russian born in london
  8. dusted-and-done answered: Australia (:
  9. aaltoaalto answered: Osaka, Japan
  10. americhat answered: Denver Colorado. :)
  11. 10yrsy answered: Portland Oregon USA
  12. femrobinconfirmed answered: Pennsylvania, USA :)
  13. poshayy answered: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  14. voices-of-a-distant-star answered: Dunedin, New Zealand
  15. red-greenblue answered: Singapore!
  16. seductivelysalad answered: Pennsylvannia, USA
  17. lucyinthesoupwithcroutons answered: Ireland =]
  18. lollipop-cherry answered: Hah, I’m from Guadalajara Jalisco México :) Your tumblr is fantastic XD
  19. inthetardiswithten answered: Omaha, NE USA
  20. sing-alongblog answered: san francisco!
  21. softredneck answered: Canada, Vancouver Island
  22. feels-like-a-gospel-song answered: France!
  23. zukimori answered: U.S & Mexico :D
  24. youwerealwayscrazylikethat answered: Indiana, USA
  25. tweedlerum answered: England/Liverpool
  26. izzielosttheirmind answered: USA. New York, but not the city.
  27. finishyourmilk answered: Chicago IL, USA
  28. luffles424 answered: Manhattan, Ks
  29. swinging-from-the-stars answered: Philly, Pennsylvania, USA :D
  30. ameliette answered: I’m from Finland!
  31. unnecessaryfundamentals answered: Ontario / Mrs. Auga
  32. lady-susanna-winnower answered: Florida, USA
  33. bananawantssushi answered: I’m from Baldone, Latvia (:
  34. lionserr answered: Seattle, Washington, USA
  35. aly-san answered: Baltimore, USA!
  36. demonshower answered: Denmark, Copenhagen :)
  37. valiantginger answered: Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, currently hailing from San Antonio, Texas.
  38. urgleurgle answered: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :)
  39. lemonschwayschway answered: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA =D
  40. twoampostman answered: USA
  41. fullnelsonclan answered: St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
  42. puppyrock3 answered: Rochester, MN, US
  43. kimikohiei answered: Patras, Greece
  44. butterfliesandstrawberry answered: Budapest, Hungary. :)
  45. tace answered: Memphis, TN USA
  46. vilsa answered: Germany.