Polyvore sets inspired by characters from various TV shows, films, books etc.
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Character inspired fashion for guys

Do you do requests?

Yes, but please don’t request more than two characters at a time.

How do you make these outfits?

I use Polyvore. It’s very easy to use and there’re tons of different items. Where can I find details on the items?

Where can I find details on the items used?

All my outfits have click-trough links that redirect you to my Polyvore page where you find all the items including links, prices etc.

What got you into doing this blog?

I really love Cosplay and I really love fashion. So I tried to combine these two things :)

About how long does it take to find the right clothes?

Depends on the character. I’d say between 10 minutes and 1 hour.

How do you decide what clothing to use?

I try to find clothing pieces similar in style and colour but more wearable. As for accessories I try to make them relate to the character in some way, for example an arrow ring for Legolas or candy jewelery for Willy Wonka :)

Can you do book characters?

Only if I read the book. Sorry!

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